7 Cups Sweet


Sugar --- 3 cups
Besan ----1 cup
Ghee ---1 cup
Milk ----1 cup
Dry coconut powder – 1 cup
Cashew nuts --- 5
Almonds --- 5
Walnuts---- 5
Cardamom --- 5


1.In a pan, heat milk and sugar together. When sugar melts, add besan, coconut powder and ghee.

2.Keep stirring to avoid burning.

3.Add grounded almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts and cardamom powder.

4.Keep stirring to avoid burning.

5.All the ingredients mix up and become like halwa. When it is not sticking to the pan and revolving along with spatula, take out of the pan and spread on a greased plate.

6.Cut the sweet into your desired shapes like square, rectangle or diamonds.

7.Place the cashew nuts on every piece of sweet. ( keep the cashew nuts while the sweet is hot. So that it can stick to it.)

8.Once the sweet cools down, take out the pieces and arrange in a plate.

Delicious 7 cups sweet is ready.

NOTE: Ingredients can be added into the pan one after the other or all together.

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