Gutti Vankaya Powder


Urad dal --- 1 Cup
Channa dal --- 1 Cup
Pea nuts --- 3/4 cup
Sesame seeds -- 1/4cup
Dry coconut powder --- 1/4cup
Red chillis --- 14
Methi seeds --- 1/4Tsp
Coriander seeds --- 2Tsp
Raw Tamarind --- Amla size
Salt --enough


1.Sesame seeds and Pea nuts must be dry fried seperately.

2.In little oil, fry the following:Tamarind,Urad dal,Channadal, Red chilis,Methi seeds and coriander seeds.

3.Once they cool down grind them into a corse powder.

4.Now add sesame seeds and Peanuts and grind again.

(If you add sesame seeeds and peanuts in the inital grinding it ooses oil and the powder gets lumps)

Now Stuffed Eggplant curry powder is ready and you can see the stuffed Eggplant curry(Gutti vankaya Kura) recipie and enjoy the delicious food.

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