Moong Dal Vada


Moong dal -------- 1 cup
Rice------1 Tsp
Onion ---------1 medium
Green chilies -------4
Ginger -------------1/4 inch
Salt ------------enough
Curry leaves ----------5 to 10


1.Soak moong dal and little rice for 2 hours

2.Chop onion , green chillis, ginger into small pieces.

3.Grind soaked Moong dal and rice into coarse paste. Do not use water.

4.Transfer to a bowl, and mix chopped onion, green chillies, ginger and curry leaves and salt.

5.Heat the oil on medium flame.

6.Take the Moong dal mix little with the wet fingers and spread like a circle over the fingers or palm. Make a hole in the center of vada and leave gently Into the hot oil very carefully.

7.If making vada on fingers or palm is not working for you, you can make the vada on greesed plastic paper or aluminium foil and transfer into the hand and leave into hot oil.

8.Or, you can make them just like pakodas without any holes in it.

Crispy Moong dal vada are ready.

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