Atta-Dates Burphy


Wheat flour(Atta)– 2 cups
Ghee----1 cup
Dates pieces ---1 cup
Nuts ----------1/4 cup(chopped almonds and cashew nuts)
Cardamom powder--pinch
Jagery -------1 cup


1.In a pan,heat 1 cup of ghee.

2.Add chopped nuts and atta flour and fry till the atta flour leaves the raw smell and well good delicious smell comes.

3.Add jaggery and mix well until total jaggery is melted and mixed well.

4.Add dates pieces and cardamom powder and mix well.

5.Apply little ghee to a deep plate.

6.Trasfer Atta-Date mixture to the plate and pat it tightly.

7.Leave it untouched for 15 to 30 minutes.

8.Cut into pieces.

Delicious, Healthy Atta-Dates Burfi is ready.

Tip: Ghee, Atta,Dates,Jaggery..all the ingredients are really good for health. Especially kids will love this sweet and healthy too.

Recipe Provided by:Sathya,chicago,USA.

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