Curd / Yogurt ---2 cups
Fresh grated coconut --- ¾ cup
Green chillis ---- 5
Cumin seeds -----1/2 tsp
Carrots ----- 1 medium
Potato ----1 medium
Drum stick pieces---5 to 10
Beans ----- ½ cup
Green peas----1/4 cup
Curry leaves----5 to 10
Salt --- to taste

Oil-----2 tsp
Mustard seeds ---1/4 tsp
Cumin seeds -----1/4 tsp
Asafoetida---- pinch


1. Cut all the vegetables to 1 inch pieces and boil them in a open vessel.

2. Grind grated coconut, green chillis, cumin seeds along with 2 cups of curd / yogurt.

3. Add the grounded paste to the boiled vegetables.

4. Add salt and curry leaves and bring to boil again.

5. Season with seasoning ingredients.

Yummy Avial is ready. Eat with rice or Adai.

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