Badusha / Balushahi--(method2)


All Purpose Flour –3 cups
Ghee – 1 cup
Curd/ Yogurt – 1 cup
Baking Powder – ½ tsp
Baking Soda – ¼ tsp
Sugar – 3 cups


1.Take All Purpose flour into a bowl.

2.Add curd/ yogurt to the flour.

3.Add ghee to the mixture.

4.Add Baking powder.

5.Add Baking soda.

6.Mix everything along with enough water and prepare Poori dough consistency.

7.Cover the dough with a wet cloth and keep it aside for 1 hour.

8.Kneed the dough for a while to make it much softer.

9.Make small balls with the dough.

10.Press the ball in the center of it with the thumb.

11.Fold the edges of the dough like spiral.

12.Make several badhushas like above and keep aside in a plate.

13.Take sugar in a bowl and add water until the sugar is totally immersed.

14.Heat the sugar water until sugar turns into sugar syrup with thread consistency. And Keep aside.

15.Fry prepared badhushas in hot oil, carefully on a medium flame.

16.Transfer fried badhushas into sugar syrup.

17.Let the badushas soaked in sugar syrup for 2 to 3 minutes, until all the badusha gets the sweetness.

18.Transfer all badhushas into a dry plate.

Here you go…..Delicious Badhusha is ready.

Note: Prepared Sugar syrup ready before you fry the badushas. You can make syrup while the dough is resting.

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