Bitter Gourd Stuffed Curry


Bitter Gourd---6 medium
Oil--1 cup
Chanadal--2 spoons
Urad dal--2 spoons
Red chillies--6
Jeera--1 spoon
Coconut--small piece
Coriander seeds--1 spoon
salt--to taste


1.Wash and clean the bitter gourd.

2.Take a knife,make a long slit thru bitter gourd and take out all the seeds inside.

3.Heat the frying pan on the stove add 1 spoon oil.

4.Now put Red chillies,chanadal,urad dal,coriander seeds,Jeera, coconut make it fry for few minutes.

5.when it is cool, grind it like a coarse powder and add salt to taste.

6.Take bitter melon and stuff this powder in the long slit nicely.

7.Put all the stuffed bitter gourd in a in a bowl, cook it in the pressure cooker for 10 minutes.

8.when they cool enough, take a pan add oil and heat it on the stove.

9.Now slowly add bitter gourd in to the pan, deep fry them slowly like golden brown.

Thats it hot hot Stffued bitter gourd ready to serve with rice.Definitely its worth it.

Recipe Provided by Vijayalakshmi,CA,USA.

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