Boondi Laddu


Oil ----- 2 glass
Besan – 2 glass
Sugar --- 2 glass
Water --- 2 glass
Camphor Crystals --- pinch
Ghee --- 4 spoon
Cashew nuts --- 15
Raisins --- 15
Cardamom powder --- 1 tsp
Sugar Crystals (Patika Bellam)--3 tsp (Optional)
Boondi ladle ( ladle with holes)


1.In a vessel, take sugar and pour water until sugar is totally immersed.

2.Prepare sugar syrup to string consistency.

3.Fry cashew nuts, raisins in ghee.

4.Mix the fried cashew nuts and raisins in to the sugar syrup and keep aside

5.Heat oil carefully.

6.Mean while, mix besan with water (2 gl of besan + 2 gl of water) and prepare batter for boondi.

7.When the oil is hot, pour boondi batter in boondi ladle and prepare boondi.

8.Once the boondi is done take out boondi from hot oil, carefully and immerse in prepared sugar syrup.

9.Boondi can be immersed as long as sugar syrup can take it.

10.Add camphor crystals, cardamom powder, sugar crystals to boondi mix and mix well.

11.Take some boondi into a plate and prepare laddus with both the hands. (While preparing laddu’s cover the rest of boondi with a plate so that it will not get dried out).

Delicious Laddu is ready.

Note: If the boondi is dried up and not able to prepare laddu, add little milk and make it wet to prepare laddu.

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