Butter Milk / Sonji Majjiga / Dry Ginger Butter Milk / Chukku Butter Milk

Ingredients: (for 4 people)

Curd ----------------3 cups
Dry ginger / Chukku ------- ½ inch
Salt ------------------1 tsp
Curry leaves -----5
Coriander leaves --- ½ bunch

Mustard seeds, cumin seeds----- ¼ tsp each
Asafoetida (Hing) --------------- Pinch


1.Mix curd and water in a vessel and stir well until it looks like just milk. It is called butter milk.

2.Take curry leaves and salt together in hand and crush those well, using your palms to enhance curry leaves flavor and mix into butter milk. ( if you have mixi available, you can grind little butter milk and not more than 2 curry leaves to get the same flavor)

3.Make fine powder of dry ginger If you don’t have dry ginger, you can grate fresh ginger as well) and mix into the butter milk.

4.Add seasoning, coriander leaves to the butter milk.

5.Add ice cubes to the butter milk or rap with wet cloth to keep it cool.

Very soothing cold butter milk is ready.

Tip: Butter milk takes number one position in body heat cooling tips. It reduces the body heat in minutes. If you drink more, it can cause cold to you as well.

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