Cabbage Pakoda

Cabbage – 1 small
Green chillis –4
Curry leaves --- 10
Besan --- 1 cup
Cashewnuts ----10 to 15
Asafoetida ----- Pinch
Salt -----Enough for taste
Oil --- for deep frying

1.Chop cabbage and green chillis into small pieces.
2.Sprinkle enough salt and asafoetida on it.
3.Sprinkle besan and mix and squeeze to ooze the water from cabbage.
4.Keep aside for 5 to 10 minutes.
5.Do not add water. Water oozed from cabbage is enough to prepare pakodas.
6..Add chopped cashewnuts and curry leaves.
7.Heat oil in a pan. Gently leaves small quantity of prepared cabbage mix into to hot oil, very carefully.
8.Deep fry the pakodas to golden brown color and keep aside.
Serve hot, spicy hot cabbage pakodas along with ketchup.

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