Chiroti/Sweet Poori/Padar Peni


All Purpose flour ---1 cup
Sugar—1 cup
Ghee ---- 4 Tsp
Rice flour ---- 2 Tsp
Salt ---- Pinch
Oil ---- 3 cups ( for frying)
Water--for mixing the flour.


1.Take All Purpose flour in a bowl.

2.Mix a pinch of salt into the flour.

3.Add 2 Tsp of ghee to the four.

4.Add little by little water and mix the flour to poori dough consistency.

5.Cover the dough and leave it untouched for 30 minutes.

6.Dough becomes soft after 30 minutes.

7.Make 5 balls out of the prepared poori dough.

8.Roll each ball like chapathi.

9.Prepare 5 chapathis.

10.In a small bowl, mix 2 Tsp of rice flour and 2 Tsp of Ghee and keep aside.

11.Take one chapathi and apply the prepared rice flour-ghee mix on it.

12.Place 2nd chapathi on 1st. Do not align properly. Place the chapathis like steps by leaving little place.

13.Apply rice flour-ghee mix on the 2nd chapathi as well. And place another chapathi on it as we did earlier.

14.Sprinkle dry All purpose flour on the final chapathi.

15.After arranging all the chapathis one over another like steps, roll all together like a carpet.

16.Place the rolled carpet kind of chapathis on a cutting tray.

17.Cut it into pieces.

18.Keep the cut pieces aside.

19.Make pooris with each piece of the roll.

20.Prepare pooris with the pieces and keep aside.

21.In a bowl, take 1 cup of sugar and 2 cups of water and boil well.

22.When the sugar syrup foam bubbles, then it is coming to syrup consistency.

23.Later, bubbles will slowly settle down. Then turn off the stove. Other wise, syrup thickens. ( syrup should be string consistency)

24.Drop on spoon of hot syrup into a bowl . Then you see a string like syrup.

25.Add little lemon juice / little oil to syrup. It avoids thickening syrup. ( do not mix more lemon juice, it make the syrup soar)

26.Heat oil on a medium flame and fry the prepared pooris on both sides.

27.Leave the prepared poori’s into sugar syrup and let it soak for 1 minute. ( no need to soak for long time)

28.Place all the sugar pooris on a plate and let them dry.

29.If you don’t like syrup dipped pooris, you can sprinkle sugar powder on a fried pooris. (sprinkle sugar powder on hot pooris, so that sugar can stick to it)

Very tasty chiroti / Sweet pooris / padar peni is ready.

Syrup dipper or sugar sprinkled poori’s are very tasty in both forms.

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