Coconut Burphy


Grated coconut --1 cup
Sugar ---3/4 cup
Cardamom powder---1/4 tsp
Ghee---3 tsp
Barneo Camphor –Pinch


1.In a pan, dry fry grated coconut, until the raw smell is gone.

2.Add sugar and keep mixing to avoid burning.

3.The sugar and coconut cook well and get closure like Halwa. Add Cardamom powder, barneo- camphor and mix well.
Turn off the flame.

4.In a plate, apply little ghee.Transfer coconut halwa into plate and pat to level uniformly.

5.let it cool down and cut into pieces.

6.Once the burfi cools down, transfer into another plate.

Tasty Coconut Burfi is ready.

Note: Barneo-Camphor makes the sweet bitter, if you add more. So, very very little quantity to be added.

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