Ingredients:(for 12-15 jilebies)

All purpose flour ---1 cup
Rice flour -----3 tsp
Sugar-----21/2 cup
Soda powder--- pinch
Kesar/Orange color--pinch
Soar curd ---1 cup
Ghee----2 cups (for frying)


1.In a bowl, mix all purpose flour, rice flour, soda powder, soar curd. Add water and make gravy kind of batter. Make sure there are no lumps.

2.Leave the batter untouched for 20 to 24 hours. (you should prepare the batter one day early for preparing Jilebi)

3.Add orange food color to the batter and mix well.

4.After 24 hours, all purpose flour would have soaked very well and get elastic consistency.

5.It is very important the batter has some elastic consistency.

6.Mix the batter with a hand beater till batter forms bubbles.

7.Take sugar in a vessel. Add water until the sugar is totally immersed in water and let it boil until it gets to one string consistency.

8.Heat ghee in a wide pan.

9.Take thick plastic cover, make a small hole to the edge. Take batter into the cover.

10.In the hot ghee, carefully pour batter from plastic cover through the hole, twisting the hand and batter in circular shape, make jilebis.

11.Fry the jilebies to golden color on both sides.

12.Immerse these jilebies in sugar syrup for 1 minute.

13.Place the jilebies on a dry plate and keep aside. Wait for few minutes, so that sugar syrup will settle down in jilebi.

Delicious Jilebi is ready.

Note:1.For Jilebi frying use ghee for good taste. Not oil.

2.While making jilebi in hot ghee, keep the flame on very low, so that jilebi gets cooked slowly and allows to make a proper desired shape.

3.If making jilebi with plastic cover is tough, use sauce bottle or coconut shell.

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