Kaaja / Madata Kaaja

Ingredients:(for 12-15 kaajas)

All Purpose Flour-- 2 cups
Baking powder ---1 tsp
Dalda------7 tsp
Sugar------3 cups
Rice Flour----2 tsp
Water ---11/2 cup(for Syrup)
Oil--3 cups(for frying)


1.In a bowl, mix All Purpose flour, baking powder, 3 tsp of dalda, water ( ½ cup or just enough) and prepare a dough (puri dough consistency) and leave it for 30 minutes.

2.Mix 4 tsp of dalda and 2 tsp of rice flour in a bowl to liquid consistency and keep aside.(It will tighten after a while)

3.Make small balls with prepared dough.

4.Prepare 3 chapathis in square shape.

5.For each chapathi, apply dalda-rice flour mix paste like a layer.

6.Place chapathis one on each other.

7.Fold the chapathis horizontally with 1 inch width.

8.Now chapathi looks like folded mat.

9.Cut into uniform pieces.

10.Press in the middle of each piece with chapathi roll stick.

11.Keep all these Kajas’ in a place and keep aside.

12.Prepare sugar syrup to two string consistency.

13.Fry the prepared Kajas in hot oil on both sides to golden brown color, carefully.

14.Place the fried kajas in the sugar syrup.

15.Wait for few minutes and remove the kajas from sugar syrup. Place them on the plate and keep aside.

Tasty Kajas ready. Very delicious and special for all occasions.

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