Karachi Halwa / Bombay Halwa


Corn Flour -- ¾ cup (50 gr)
Ghee-- ¾ cup ( 50 gr)
Sugar ---1 cup ( 200 gr)
Food color – Red--- Pinch
Cardamom powder---1/2 tsp
Cashew nuts --- 4 tsp


1.Take 1 cup of sugar in a vessel.

2.Add 11/2 cup of water and heat it on a low flame.

3.Once the sugar is melted totally, small bubbles will form, then turn off the stove.(No need to boil the sugar syrup to string consistency. Just let the sugar get melted)

4.Take corn flour in a bowl.

5.Add water and make it like soft paste.

6.Take some ghee in a pan.

7.Add corn paste in it.

8.Heat it on a low flame an d make sure no lumps.

9.When the batter get cooked and comes nearer, then turn off the flame.

10.Add little by little sugar syrup and mix well.

11.Then, turn on the stove and mix well until all the sugar is mixed up. Add little by little ghee and mix well.

12.when the total batter rotates along with the ladle, without sticking to the pan, then add food color and mix well.

13.Add cardamom powder and mix well.

14.Mix cashew nuts as well.

15.Add 1 more spoon of ghee and mix well for a minute.Turn off the flame.

16.Transfer to a plate and set well.

17.Once it cools down, cut into small pieces.

18.Arrange in a plate separately and serve.

Delicious Karachi halwa / Bombay Halwa is ready.

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