Madduru Vada

Rice flour ---- 11/2 cup
Soji ---- ¼ cup
All purpose flour --- 1/4cup
Pea nuts --- 2 Tsp
Sesame seeds --- 2 Tsp
Onion ----2
Green chillis --- 6 – 7
Curry leaves ---10
Coriander leaves –2 strings
Asafoetida ---Pinch
Baking Soda --- Pinch
Salt ----For taste
Oil ---¾ cup(For mixing the flour)
Oil --- 3 cups ( For frying)
1.Chop Onions into small pieces and keep aside.
2.Grind fried peanuts into powder.
3.Grind green chillis, coriander leaves, curry leaves into paste and keep aside.
4.Take rice flour, soji, all purpose flour in a bowl and mix well.
5.Mix soda powder, asafoetida into the flour.
6.Add grounded peanut powder, green chilli mixture paste, chopped onions and mix well.
7.Add sesame seeds and mix well.
8.Add salt and mix properly.
9.Add oil and mix well like a wet dough.
10.Now dough for Madduru vada is ready.
11.Prepare small balls with the dough.
12.Pat the balls into circles on a greased aluminum foil or plastic cover.
13.Deep fry the prepared circular shape vadas in hot oil carefully. Fry to golden brown color.
14.Keep aside all the prepared vadas.
Very very tasty Madduru vada is ready. Eat with sauce/coconut chutney.
1. While mixing the dough use only oil and no water for tasty madduru vadas.
2.If you feel not using more oil, use ¾ quantity of oil and ¼ quantity of water.

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