Can be done with Long thin eggplants or Capsicum or large green chillis ---8


Sesame seeds --- 1 serving spoon
Peanuts --- 1 Serving spoon
Dry coconut --- 1/2 "
Cinnamon --- 3 Small Pieces
Dry Red chillis --- 10
Urad dal --- 1/2 serving spoon


All the above mentioned Ingredients fry along with 1/2 sp oil. Once they cool down, grind those into a coarse powder.

Mix 1/2 sp of oil to the powder and enough salt.

1.Take eight Eggplants or Capsicum or Large green chillis and cut the vegetable in (+) plus shape and stuff the powder into the vegetable.

2.Take a pan with 1Tsp of oil. Put channa dal, urad dal and mustard seeds, zeera. Once the seasoning splatters, arrange the stuffed vegetables in the seasoning carefully. close the lid.

3.Keep changing the vegetable position to get it cooked from all the sides.

4.Once the vegetable becomes softer to cut with a spoon, turn off the flame and remove from the stove.

Hot hot Ninchudukaya with hot rice or chapathis is now ready to eat.

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