Rice flour --- 5 cups
Pea nuts --- 1 cup
Daliya --- 1 cup
Coconut powder --- 1 cup
Red chilli powder ---1 Tsp
Sesame seeds ---- ¼ Tsp
Salt—for taste
Asafoetida---1/4 tsp
Oil—1/4 cup
Oil ---- 4 cups (for frying)

1.Mix rice flour in a bowl.
2.Mix peanut powder into the flour.
3.Mix daliya powder as well.
4.Mix coconut powder as well.
5.Mix red chilli powder.
6.Mix sesame seeds as is. ( no need to fry or powder)
7.Mix salt and asafoetida.
8.Add little hot oil and mix carefully
9.When you take one hand full of flour in hand, it should stay like a ball. Then it is correct consistency of oil mixed flour. ( In case it wont stay like a ball, you must add little more oil in it and mix well)
10.Take little flour in a bowl.
11.Mix little by little water and kneed the dough well. Make sure you don’t put lot of water.
12.Now dough is ready.
13.On Plastic paper, apply little oil and place a small ball of dough.
14.Now , pat the dough in a circle shape and make little hole in the center ( if you don’t like hole, no need to put.)
15.Heat the oil on a pan on a medium flame.
16.Leave the prepared Nippattu into the hot oil, carefully. Fry it on both the sides.
17.Take it out and place on a dry paper to drain the oil.

Tasty Nippattu are ready to eat.

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