Rasgulla/Bengali Rasgulla


Milk ---- 1 lr / 4 cups
Sugar ---1 cup
Water --- 3 cups
Lemon juice – ¼ cup
Transparent cloth –1 piece
saffron.-- pinch(optional)
Soji ---1/2 tsp

1.Boil the milk in a vessel.

2.Add ¼ cup of lemon juice to milk.

3.so that milk brakes and separates the water.

4.Keep transparent cloth in a vessel and keep it ready.

5.Pour the broken milk on the cloth.

6.Drain all the water and squeeze tightly, so that no water can remain.

7.This white product is called Paneer.

8.Add ½ tsp of soji to paneer and kneed well for 7-10 minutes.

9.Paneer gets softer and never brake again.

10.Make small paneer balls.

11.Add sugar in a vessel.

12.Add Cardamom powder and saffron.

13.Add water and boil for a while. ( No need to make thick syrup. Just get to boil.)

14.Add prepared paneer balls into sugar syrup and boil for 15 to 20 minutes on low flame.

15.Paneer balls get volumes in size and suck the sugar syrup.

16.Once cool down, keep it in fridge and eat cold rasgullas.

Delicious Rasgulla / Bengali Rasgulla is ready.

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