Raw Banana Bajji ( Aratikaya Bajji)


Raw banana – 1
Besan----11/2 cup
Cumin powder ---- 1 tsp
Red chili powder--1 tsp
Asafetida (Hing)---pinch
Turmeric powder --1/2 tsp

Preparation Method:

1.Wash raw bananas cleanly.

2.Chop raw bananas into circle with the peal and immerse them in water.

3.In a bowl mix besan, redchili powder, cumin powder,hing, turmeric powder and salt with little water and prepare pakoda batter.

4.Heat oil in medium flame.

5.Immerse chopped raw bananas in besan batter . Take out coated raw bananas and fry them gently in hot oil with more care.

6.Once they turn into golden brown color, take out and place in a plate.

Raw Banana Bajji's are ready.

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