Raw Banana Chips


Raw Bananas----2
Salt------- Enough
Oil----2 cups (for frying)

Preparation Method:

1.Take out the peal for raw banana.

2.Chop the raw banana into circle shape pieces.

3.Heat the oil in medium flame.

4.Place raw banana pieces into hot oil, carefully. Make sure they do not overlap on each other.

5.Mix ¼ tsp of salt in ½ tsp of water and keep aside.

6.When raw banana pieces are cooked, add ½ tsp of prepared salt water into hot oil. ( Be away from oil, as it splatters after mixing the salt water)

7.Fry raw bananas until they turn to light red color. ( Do not make dark color)

Crispy Raw banana chips are ready.

Hint: If you are scared of adding salted water into hot oil ( as it splatters), you can add salt in the end after removing form oil.

Recipe Provided by: Neelima Kundeti,MI,USA.

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