Rava Ariselu


Upma rava or soji -----1cup
Rice flour ------1 cup
Jaggery ----11/2 cup
Poppy seeds-----1/4 cup
Cardamom powder---1/2 tsp
Milk-------1 cup
Oil---for frying.


1.Dry fry soji till the raw smell is gone. If you are using roasted upma rava, no need to fry.

2.In a pan, boil 2 cups of water. Once the water is boiled, add soji / roasted upma rava and cover with lid for 2 minutes.. Rava get cooked and look like upma.

3.Add jaggery to the cooked rava and mix well.

4.Add rice flour and mix well. Turn off the flame.

5.if rice flour may not get mixed well. But cover with a lid and leave it aside until it cools down. Because of hot steam in side the pan, it can get cooked.

6.Once the cooked rava cools down, transfer into a plate. Take little by little quantity and knead well. You can add little milk, if it too hard to knead. DO NOT ADD LOT OF MILK. It should get to puri batter consistency.

7.On a aluminum foil or a cover, apply little ghee and pat the kneaded batter in circle shape like small puris. Sprinkle poppy seeds both sides.

8.Deep fry in hot oil, very carefully.

Rava Ariselu ready. Very easy to make and enjoy the taste.

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