Sununda-Urad Dal Laddu

Ingredients:(for 10 Laddus)

Urad dal – 2 cup
Moong dal –1/2 cup
Sugar------2 cup
Cardamom powder –1/2 tsp
Ghee---------1/2 cup
Nuts powder ---1/4 cup (Cashews,Almonds,Walnuts)


1.Dry fry Urad dal and Moong dal together, until golden brown color.

2.Grind Urad dal, Moong dal mix to fine powder.

3.In a vessel take Urad dal-Moong dal powder, sugar, cardamom powder, nuts powder and mix well.

4.Add melted ghee into the powder mix. (Ghee helps in binding the powder to make balls)

5.Make circular balls and keep aside in a plate.

Sunnundalu or Urad dal laddus are ready.

Tip:Adding Moong dal powder in Sunnunda, prevents sticking laddu to the teeth, while eating and gives great taste.

Sunnunda is very healthy sweet especially for kids and pregnant women.

Urad dal is rich in iron.

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